Product Images

Model 2300-01, 2300-03, 2305, 23005-03, 2310-01, 2355, 2305G, 2305G-01

This product is no longer in production and has been replaced by 2300-04, 2305-04, 2310-04, 2355-04.

Older Submersible Utility Pumps

These submersible utility pumps have been around a long time.  But even though the model numbers have remained similar, the "dash number" is used to determine small changes.

We maintain this listing of the older models so that owners of these older pumps can download the owner's manual and/or repair parts from the Resources section below.

See the three images at top left of this page to help determine which pump you may have.  (please note that image #3 is a much older pump made by Simer before we owned the company.  We will not have information or parts for that pump)

Also note that two models included the letter 'G' at the end.  The 'G' indicated this was the same pump as the "non-G" version, but had  a 25' power cord instead of the base model's 8' cord.



Owner's Manual: 2300-01, 2300-03, 2305, 2305-03, 2310-01, 2355
Parts Listing: 2300-01, 2300-03, 2305, 2305-03, 2310-01, 2355