2830, 2835, 2840

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Model 2830, 2835, 2840

This product is no longer in production and has been replaced by 3410P, 3415P, 3420P.

Sprinkler Pumps made by Marley and Rival

The models 2830, 2835, and 2840 sprinkler pumps have been around for a long time.  This listing is for these model pumps when they were built by Simer before we owned the company. 

We have this listing so that those who own the older model pumps may download the owner's manual which also contains a parts breakdown.  Be sure to check the label of your pump to see which manual you need.  You are looking for the name of "Rival" or "Marley" on the pump.



Owner's Manual: 2830, 2835, 2840, (made by Marley)
Owner's Manual: 2830, 2835, 2840 (made by Rival)