What is a Sprinkler Pump?


What is a Sprinkler Pump?

·         Used when the pump is located above the water source, drawing water from 20' depth to water or less vertically
·         Uses a single suction pipe to draw from wells and surface water
·         When a large volume of water is needed and unlimited water supply is available; open water source; multiple driven points; or high-volume shallow wells – suction lift 25' or less.
·         Moves larger volumes of water to supply several sprinkler heads at once. Due to larger pumping volumes, pipe sizes on both suction and discharge ends are larger than that found in typical water pressure systems

Typical Applications

·         Sprinkler systems that have single/multiple zones with more than 2-3 heads per zone.
·         Movement of large volumes of water from water source to place of use.

Types of Sprinkler Pumps

·         Thermoplastic models are constructed of fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic offering corrosion resistance. They have a stainless steel clamp design for ease of maintenance and cleaning. Suction lift is 20' or less.
·         Cast iron offers the Professional toughness for the most demanding jobs. Suction lift for cast iron models is 25' or less, 5' more than thermoplastic models.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I select the right pump for my application?
A. First determine the suction lift: the number of sprinkler heads going at one time. Multiply the number of heads (x 3) for total demand. Review pump performance charts and find the pump that will deliver total demand or greater at 30 PSI. For transfer applications, select the pump with the best performance for your needs.

Q. Can I use any size pipe available?
A. Always use the same size pipe as the pump is designed for. Smaller piping will affect the performance of the pump, the job coverage and the pump’s life. Call customer service for assistance in proper sizing.

Q. What additional items do I need?
A. In an open water or shallow well application, a foot valve will be needed to prevent pumped water from returning to the source, and to keep the pump primed. In a driven point system, a check valve will be needed to prevent water backflow to the source.

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